GPS Tracking is an excellent way for fleet owners and managers to monitor their Cars, Trucks, Vehicles, Equipment and even Sales Force, Kids etc.

GPS (Global Positioning System) technology is becoming the standard in fleet management and allows fleet managers the ability to conduct tracking affordably and efficiently.

GPS tracking software falls into two main groups: Web based tracking software and Desktop based tracking software.

Tectonics offers both solutions for GPS Tracking: Web based and Desktop based.

Internet Based: This is as the name suggests hosted on the tracking company’s server. You login using your username and password to view the location and information regarding your fleet of vehicles. This is very flexible because it allows you to view your fleet of vehicles from any desktop PC, laptop or smart phone in the world that has an internet connection like: speed, fuel cap status, direction, Break Applied, Hand Break, ignition Off/On, Engine Off/On, AC Off/On, Right/Left Indicator, Power main/ Battery Backup etc.

Thin client Based: This type of software has to be installed on each PC or laptop that you wish to view the tracking application on. It tends to be much quicker than internet based systems and much more secure.

Our GPS Tracking software offers Different type of alarms on screen and as alerts through SMS, Email like overstay, over speed, harsh braking, battery backup, enter area, leave area, SOS. Alarm Type can be SMS on the registered cell phone number or it will be emailed to you on your registered email ID.

GPS Tracking Software Equipped with a strong reporting toll which provide reports like:

Vehicle Info Alerts : Provide Alerts like Driver License Expire Date, Insurance Expire Date, Vehicle Fitness Expire date, Pollution Certificate Expire Date, Permit Expire Date, Road Tax Expire Date, Goods Tax Expire Date, Insurance Expire, Front Tyre Change (KM), Back Tyre Change (KM) ,Last Engine Oil Change ,Next Engine Oil Change ,Last Wheel Hub Greece (Km) ,Next Wheel Hub Greece (Km) ,Last Crown Oil Change (Km) ,Next Crown Oil Change (Km) ,Last Gear oil change (Km) ,Next Gear oil change (Km) ,Last Air Filter Change (Km) ,Next Air Filter Change (Km) ,Next Service Date etc.

Alarm Report: Display all the information regarding all kind of alarms that got activate within the time interval for which this search was made.

Journey Report: Will return all possible statistics values like Total run, Day Mileage, Max Speed, Average Speed, Start Fuel, Last Fuel Status, total run time by the end of each day.

Track Report: Select the Vehicle from the vehicle name list, Enter date Time From/To and the duration you need the report once report is fetched using different filter option you can refine you search result and can generate a graph based on the records. Query Location will tell the vehicle its location at that interval of time. Replay button will Replay of the vehicle move, plotting will highlight the path of vehicle moved around; add Marker will add the place marks of the vehicle moved around.

Moving Report: Provides the information about when the vehicle started moving (start time), time when vehicle stopped (end time), Start Mileage, End Mileage, Start Location, End Location, Fuel Consumption.

Stop Report: Provides the information about the date, time when the vehicle got stopped and then again got moving, Total Parking time and Location where it was parked.

Ideal Report: Provides us the information about when the vehicle engine was on but was not moving. So for what duration the vehicle was in stable state and what was the location of the vehicle at that time.

AC Report: System will return the Start Time, End Time, Address.

Seat Belt Report: System will return the Seat belt unplugged Start Time, End Time, Address.

SMS/Email Report: System will return all alerts sent via email and SMS.

All our reports are exportable in Excel.

Software also supports External Devices those are plugged in the VTS like Camera, Temperature sensor, LCD (for Two way communication), RFID, Call (one way listen Mode or two way) etc. To avoid some unavoidable situations, Software has emergency tabs like Fuel/Power cut which will stop the fuel to flow and thus engine will not get the Fuel supply and engine will stop working. In the same way we can restore the fuel cut. We can open the door just by clicking the button Remote door open. Reset will reset the device in case it is required due to some unavoidable reason.

Software also support Geo-fencing: Geo-fencing means defining the latitude and longitude of the area on the map, the movement vehicle moved in or out of that area geo-fence system raises an alarm which intimate the tracker that vehicle has reached particular destination or deviated from the route etc.

Our GPS Tracking Software is 100% compatible with our Sales ERP which supports HO, Different Branch offices, Access to distributors for sales, order punch in , Dispatch status, Payment status etc.

We also provide custom development of GPS Tracking Software as per your requirements with dedicated server management and all backend operations management to run your own GPS Tracking Business.