• The Prepaid Management System provides a centralized interface and co-ordinates activities between the operator’s control unit, the operator sales unit, the operator warehouse and the distribution channel.
  • This website connects the operator’s entire supply chain for prepaid physical voucher and E-Voucher operations. The centralized prepaid management system integrates the complete supply chain. System combines the power of the Internet with the latest technologies to enable participating business entities to access up-to-date information and enable better management and tracking of supply and demand.
  • System supports up to 6 Levels of Distribution Chain which can be configured at the time of installation. For example HO of Mobile Operator , Super Distributor , Regional Distributor, Associated Distributors, Sub Distributors , Retailers
  • HO will be billing only to Super Distributor
  • Super Distributor will be billing to Regional Distributor and his own Retailers
  • Regional Distributor will be billing to Associated Distributor and his own Retailers
  • Associated Distributor will be billing to Sub Distributor and his own Retailers
  • Sub Distributor will be billing to Retailers
  • Retailers will be selling to Customers
  • FOS of Sub Distributor will bring the order from the retailers
  • Based on Orders Sub Dist. will raise the PO to Associated Distributor
  • On Receiving the PO with Payments Associated Distributor will dispatch the material
  • The same process will be followed by all the hierarchy.
  • NOTE : System also provides the facility of credit limit in case of credit sales it will prompt if you exceed this limit.

(Procedure for Collection of PEF is customizable and will depend on the company policy who will collect and enter the details, who will audit and finally send to operator ware house.)

  • Dist./ Sub Dist. will collect PEF from Retailers
  • Enter details of PEF in the system
  • Send PEF to Distributor
  • Distributor will Audit the PEF and Send (All Positive) PEF to HO
  • NOTE : If required System can also be configured to integrate agency who will be responsible for collecting and entering PEF in the system


    Powered by online extensive reporting tool that creates value through understanding. Data comes to life when viewed as charts and graphs as well as provides data in tabular form. Give decision makers the information to make accurate and timely decisions. Remove the hurdle to collect the data from different sources and then surmised them .All type of reports are available to name few:

  • Stock Report
  • Payment Reports (Received/Pending CP wise)
  • Cheque Bounce Report
  • PEF Report (Received/Pending CP wise)
  • Sales Reports (Between Date)

  • Region wise
  • Branch wise
  • Manager wise
  • Channel Partner wise

  • Sale (Item wise)
  • Activation
  • First Recharge
  • Activated but Non FR
  • Scheme (Qualified/Non Qualified)