• A very popular way of listening to the music. It is a growing technology by which one can listen to as many songs in as many languages.
  • Its works in a form of various radio channels where the option of songs are being played with the different categories. Tectonics Radio has a major range of music radio in terms of criteria and language.
  • Tectonics customer can dedicate full song to friends and family so that they can listen to the full song with out paying anything from there pocket.
  • We have a complete radio platform on which we also have tie-ups with major content provider. Mobile Radio also includes the functionality of streaming, song playing list, content management.
  • Tectonics provides inflight audio for airlines, music for hotels and restaurants, in-store radio for shopping malls and retailers, and music imaging for corporate clients.
  • Tectonics’s customers are terrestrial, satellite & internet radio companies and mobile telephony operators that broadcast audio content worldwide. We provide radio operators around the world with syndicated programming and run full service radio stations through remote operations.
  • Mobile platforms use our text content for publishing through various formats like SMS, WAP and USSD. Our music programming and content services can be used to run mobile radio, jukebox applications, streaming radio channels and Ring Tone and Caller Tune optimization.
  • In religious programming, the company has audio and text services for Hinduism and Christianity, including full search on verses and tracts, voice and text alerts, audio versions of the religious texts like the Shiv Puran and the Bible, Hymns, Shlokas and Discourses.
  • Entertainment content on text includes daily USSD and SMS alerts on news, gossip, trivia and reviews from Hollywood, Bollywood and the South Indian movie industry. Our WAP sites provide entertainment news, gossip and movie reviews.