Tectonics Ticketing Services enables users to enquire about the availability of tickets, access price and ticket booking options and book tickets on their mobile phones with SMS notification. Tectonics Ticketing Services currently encompass two forms of ticketing:

  • Railway and Airline Ticketing
  • Movie Ticketing (including event-based ticketing)

Apart from providing the technology support, as part of its Managed Services Model, Tectonics ensures integration with:

OPERATORS : Who ensure connectivity and responsible for billing

PAYMENT PARTNERS: Who provide the secure gateway for M-Commerce transactions

MERCHANTS: Who provide the service (airlines, movie theatres, etc) & are responsible for fulfillment and delivery


Providing ticketing solutions on the mobile have clear business benefits for operators, payment partners and merchants in form of:

  • Providing a new distribution channel for all parties
  • Increasing ticket sales for Merchants
  • Improving margins from ticket sales
  • Building brand salience, promoting customer loyalty and reducing customer churn
  • Increasing the breadth of services provided by operators ensuring hassle-free operations as Tectonics takes complete responsibility for the service
  • 1. User receives a confirmation SMS of the transaction with the PNR or relevant movie code. Users can also receive a bar code that supports their handset
  • 2. User shows the confirmation SMS at the relevant counter (rail, airline, movie or others) and prints out the ticket. If bar code is available, then it is scanned to give the ticket