• Running great, creative marketing campaigns and getting qualified leads is only half of the story. Too often our hard-earned leads get old and lose their value because it took too long to get them into the right hands, and we lose track of them simply because we never hear about them again from our partners.

Tectonics (LMS) is specifically designed to help you solve these problems. It helps you to:
  • .Distribute leads quickly, via automation, to a broad network of Partners/ Department, whether geographically or by product specializations.
  • .Collect feedback from the channel, systematically and in non-intrusive manner, to provide knowledge of return-on-investment.
  • Direct pipeline between your lead-generation web form and your Department / Individual / Channel Partners - end-to-end automation of lead distribution available
  • Friendly import wizard for bulk import of leads, accepting both standard and custom fields
  • Automatic lead-routing based on sales territory, product specialization, and campaign designee
  • Assignment of partner territories and product specialties
  • Systematic and automatic collection of feedback from Department/Individual/Channel Partners
  • Real-Time update of survey stats based on partner response
  • Automated prospect greeting E-mails /SMS (optional)
  • "Scope" of channel staff sets internal boundaries of data access
  • On-demand reporting: online dashboard with drill-downs
  • 24x7 Software as a service delivery