• Mobile popularity among the new generation has resulted from low-cost prepaid set ups. To stall diminishing revenues from lower priced prepaid systems, operators need to trim costs. With Easy Recharge, the new way of topping up mobile prepaid systems, operators are provided with an end-to-end solution that supports both voucher-less as well as voucher-based recharges. Easy Recharge is a powerful way to improve the convenience of prepaid wireless. It allows operators to manage the complete lifecycle for prepaid top up, including distribution of funds within the distribution chain.
    • Tectonics Easy Recharge offers a convenient mechanism of mobile refill for prepaid subscribers. It allows distributors or resellers to sell recharge airtime directly from a mobile handset using SMS or GPRS ensuring a secure experience. Tectonics Easy Recharge is a carrier-grade modular system built on open standards. Easy Recharge is built on a 4-tier model and integrates seamlessly across varied platforms. Managed through a web-based GUI, it supports a multi-tiered distribution structure that enables an operator to sign-up resellers directly to sell recharges to consumers. Easy Recharge includes a comprehensive set of reports providing detailed information summarizing the activities at all levels of the distribution chain. It also provides a web-based interface for customer support inquiries. The system takes care of hardware, software and link level redundancy.
    • Electronic refill via internet
    • Extensive audit trails, log and timestamp of all financial transactions
    • Exhaustive reporting
    • Convenient, flexible reload options, stimulating airtime usage, positive impact on customer experience, and discourages churn
    • Distributed channel management
    • Subscriber loyalty and promotions
    • Fraud prevention mechanisms
    • Multi-level security features
    • Audit Trails - giving an essential retrospective view of traffic and activity within each system
    • Payment Reconciliation - tools for reconciliation and revenue assurance
    • Detailed MIS Reporting
    • Efficient quality of service High service availability
    • Decrease losses caused by frauds
    • Simplifies voucher-distribution logistics
    • Opens up alternate payment and distribution channels, viz. credit cards
    • Efficient management of lifecycle for Prepaid Easy Recharge
    • Reduced subscriber complaints
    • MIS analysis to analyze trends in service usage
    • Recharge anytime, anywhere
    • Prepaid account can be topped up while roaming too
    • Multiple recharge options like internet and credit card
    • Superior web-based interface for customer support inquiries
    • Loyalty and promotions reduce churn and increase recharge activity