Q. Is Tectonics recruiting/hiring?

Yes, we are currently hiring. You can apply to Tectonics by viewing the current openings.

Q. What is the best way for me to apply for a job at Tectonics?

Although we do accept applications through jobsites, emails and mails, the best way to apply would be by viewing the current openings and submitting your resume for the same.

Q. Can I submit my resume for more than one position?

Yes, you can apply for more than positions by submitting your resume for multiple positions you want yourself to be considered for, through submitting your resume.

Q. What if there are no current jobs available that match my skills?

You can apply through submitting your resume. We will keep your CV in our database and inform you about any future opportunities.

Q. Do I have to be software professional to join Tectonics?

Tectonics offers career opportunities for people with technical and non-technical background alike. We have ample opportunities for freshers as well to start their careers with us.

Q. What are the technologies that Tectonics is using currently?

Tectonics offers the opportunity to work with cutting edge Sun technologies as C, C++ and Client Server Programming / Socket Programming and Microsoft technologies for web applications, including Dot Net technologies.

Q. What are the learning/development opportunities that Tectonics is providing to its employees?

Tectonics provides an all round exposure to its employees in form of: On the job training, In house training and workshops, Learning Saturdays.

Q. How can I find out if I'm being considered for the position I have applied for?

After you submit your resume online, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Tectonics. If your skills and profile match our current requirements, our HR department would contact you. Due to high volume of applications received, it would not be possible for us to contact each and every applicant.

Q. What is the typical recruitment process that Tectonics follows?

After your profile has been shortlisted, our HR department will contact you for a telephonic interview. In case you are shortlisted after the telephonic interview, you will be called for a first round preliminary interview to our office followed by tests in accordance to your profile. If there is a fit between your aspirations and Tectonics requirements, you will be called for the second level in depth interview followed by reference checks and meeting the team. The final hiring decision is then communicated within 2 weeks from your telephonic interview.

Q. When do I find out if I am going on to the next step in the recruiting process?

At each step of our recruitment process, the HR department would keep you informed about your status by contacting you by either sending you an e-mail or calling you up.

Q. What kind of people are you looking for?

•   We are looking for energetic and self driven people who have both the right attitude and aptitude.

•   We are seeking smart individuals who are ready to take initiative and assume responsibility.

•   Our core values at Tectonics are - Client focus, Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation, Respect for the individual. Thus, we seek youngsters whose values are sync with our values.

Q. What are the growth prospects for me at Tectonics?

Tectonics offers fast track career growth to all its employees. If you have the potential and willingness, there is no stopping for you. Your career is what you make of it. There is tremendous learning and you can grow exponentially in Tectonics. You can gain both technical and managerial skills in no time and move up the hierarchy. At each step, your interests would be kept in mind while chalking out your career path.

Q. What are the profiles of people working at Tectonics?

We are a dedicated team with experience from a variety of backgrounds and with expertise in the following broad disciplines:

•   Technical Development

•   Marketing and Business Development

•   Strategic Consulting for VAS.

•   Creative Services for VAS

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