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Tectonics has talented people from various disciplines — brilliant software engineers developing new and innovative products, studio artiste’s recording voice prompts and a creative designing team. This work culture allows for intensive collaboration and inspiration. You will like the work ethos here if you are open to challenges that help you grow professionally. At Tectonics Technologies, opportunities never wane.


Tectonics offers a multicultural environment and encourages people to work in collaboration. Definitely an overpowering ambience, it forces people to put in their best shot!

The team works in an informal, fun environment—the lines of communication, therefore, are open to one and all. Needless to say, Tectonics does not follow a hierarchical model. The company, thus, ensures an optimal work pattern for its employees, with ample scope for growth based on performance, and not just the number of years put in.

Tectonics is a profitable, entrepreneurial team known for innovation and excellence. Its employees are team builders and problem-solvers, and have a commitment to excellence and integrity in their work.